Jul 17, 2007

*Breaking News*Miss Universe Dayanara Torres' new hot man is a Hollywood celeb

We've witnessed her heartbreaks from Aga Muhlach to Marc Antony (snagged by J to the L. O. from her and their two sons) but now this beautiful woman who's practically a Filipino too because of her enthusiasm for our culture is reportedly dating a much hotter Hollywood celeb named Amaury Nolasco. Name doesn't ring a bell? He's more well known as Fernando Sucre of Prison Break. He's also appeared as "Orange Julius" in Universal's 2Fast 2Furious.
Read more of this article to see lots and lots of photos of Dayana and Amaury enjoying each other's company while having fun in Malibu beach, and guess who they came across and had a little chat with.

The Puerto Rican pair soaked in the sun, played some football and rode the waves. Amaury stopped briefly on the beach to chat with Paris Hilton.

Here’s a little history lesson thanks to Wikipedia: In 2000, Dayanara met and married Marc Anthony. They had two sons together, Cristian (b. 2001) and Ryan (b. 2003).

Marc and Dayanara’s divorce became final on June 1, 2004, and Marc married Jennifer Lopez four days later on June 5. Ouch!
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Anonymous said...

well, you know she's having more hot fun with him than little puny Marc-- even if what they say about his kind having a third leg!

well? suppose that's what J- butt sees in him.

and this hink looks a lot hotter than ruffa screams about-- she should be so lucky-- not!