Jul 14, 2007


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BILLY Crawford’s dance show, “Move,” continues to rate well on Sundays, getting 16.9% last Sunday against its rival show, “Your Song,” that got only 14.2. Sadly, though, it’s post-program, “Boys Nxt Door,” continues to do badly, getting only 12.6 against “Lovespell”’s 14.2. “Magic Kamison” used to rate better in its slot so we won’t be surprised if GMA-7 bring this back.

In the showbiz-oriented shows, “The Buzz” continues to rate better with 15.7 against “Showbiz Central” that got 15.5. We think one reason “The Buzz” does well is be-cause they start earlier than “Showbiz Central,” which came in half hour late last Sunday. By the time ”Showbiz Central” was airing such items as Gretchen Barretto flying in from the U.S. after her partner Tonyboy Cojuangco’s operation in Boston and Martin Nievera talking about his sad experience in Las Vegas, such stories have already been aired much earlier in “The Buzz.” If “Showbiz Central” wants to rate better, then they should not start so late and give their rival show a head start.
Mario E. Bautista
People's Journal

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