Jul 16, 2007

Katrina Ojeda apologizes to Martin's sons

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Martin Nievera's wife Katrina Ojeda apologized Sunday to Nievera’s sons, Robin and Ram, for allegedly calling them "monkeys" several years ago.

“I'd just like to say that I've apologized to Robin and Ram for any words that were said that were taken out of context and Martin knows and the boys know that I would not say anything that would hurt Martin and the boys. I treat them like my own children,” Katrina told ABS-CBN's "The Buzz."

The “monkey” issue began when columnist Dolly Anne Carvajal wrote about how Katrina supposedly called Robin and Ram “monkeys."

Martin earlier explained that the issue happened nine years ago after his break-up with first wife, Pops Fernandez.

“Nine years ago, I was living in a one-bedroom apartment after I broke up with Pops. The furniture and interiors were done by Katrina’s sister. One day, Robin, who was then 11, and Ram, then eight, were in my apartment, jumping up and down on my bed and broke it in half. I called Katrina, who was in New York, and made kuwento to her and we laughed about it. She, in turn, called her sister and the people who made the bed and told them the story.

"Her story went like this: “Can you believe it,” Katrina was telling them, “Martin’s kids were jumping like monkeys on his bed and broke it in half.” It was just a figure of speech,” said Martin.

Pops, however, denied that Martin already cleared up the matter with her nine years ago. She said that she was “hurting as a mother” because she only learned about the incident recently, when she was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, when she had a show with singer Kuh Ledesma.

“At the end of day, even if it was said as a joke or whatever, it doesn’t matter. I was saying that [Katrina] should be careful with her words because she, of all people, if it comes from her it’s very touchy because of what she represents in our lives. Do I have to repeat what she did? She broke up my family,” Pops told Philippine Star columnist Ricky Lo.

Martin also told “The Buzz” that his own son Robin already sent him a text message, making an appeal to stop all discussion about the issue. “He's asking us all to stop this all from happening and that's gonna solve the problem,” said Martin, who mentioned earlier that his new son, Santino, is getting along fine with Ram and Robin, who are both happy in their roles as older brothers.

“The Buzz” was allowed to make the phone patch during the first birthday celebration of Santino.

The couple decided to celebrate Santino’s birthday several months in advance, timing it with the first birthday of the son of Katrina’s sister to allow relatives in the Philippines to join the festivities.

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