Jul 29, 2007

Juday stays at ABS-CBN • Angel: ‘Guilty’ or not?

So, is Judy Ann “Juday” Santos jumping ober da bakod from ABS-CBN to GMA as Funfare Update reported yesterday (with somebody from the advertising field as source)?
Cory Vidanes, SVP for TV Production of ABS-CBN, denied the “disturbing” story.
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“In fact,” said Cory who called early yesterday morning after she was informed by Kris Aquino of the Funfare Update story, “Juday has

ust renewed her contract which is good until 2009. It’s an exclusive contract.”

Cory’s statement contradicted what Alfie Lorenzo, Juday’s manager, told colleagues last Friday at the lunch presscon for immigration lawyer Michael Templo (with his parents, Ret. Gen. Mitch Templo and Mildred Ortega).

“We renew our contract every year,” said Alfie, adding that long before Juday’s yearly contract expires, ABS-CBN big boss Gabby Lopez would “nag” him to sign up for 10 years.

“But we prefer to sign only a one-year non-exclusive contract every time,” he stressed.

Juday has just finished doing a movie, Ouija (with former ABS-CBN contract star Jolina Magdangal), for GMA/Viva Films.

Asked why, even before the promo for Ouija, Juday had been guesting in GMA shows (S.O.P. among them), Cory said that Juday’s new “exclusive contract” prohibits her from appearing in shows on GMA and/or other channels.

There. Both sides of the story.

* * *

A load of ugly rumors cropped up in the wake of Angel Locsin’s impending signing up with ABS-CBN (through her manager, Becky Aguila) after her five-year contract with GMA expired last March 31.

Now enrolled at the London Fashion School, Angel has remained mum all along, with Becky doing all the talking and the shock-absorbing.

Funfare Update texted to Becky (who’s in London with Angel) a list of the rumors and, after a short cellphone call to me, she texted her rebuttal, to wit:

1). Angel has had an abortion. (Lolit Solis, who “squealed” the rumors, discussed on the dzBB program Double A sa Double B with host Ali Sotto, mother of Angel’s late boyfriend Miko Sotto, said to be the father of Angel’s “baby.” Ali, who co-hosts the program with Arnold Clavio, was choked with emotion while listening to Lolit during the phone patch.)

Becky: “It’s not true. How could that happen when Angel was staying with me during her relationship with Miko?”

2). Angel’s mother, who’s never seen in public, was once the maid of Angel Colmenares, Angel’s vision-challenged father.

Becky: “Di mabubuo sila Angel at Ela kung hindi nabuntis ng Tatay nila ang Nanay nila. Di ba ganoon binubuo ang bata?”

3). Angel has a sex video with a Japanese guy.

Becky: “Not true. Show me the video if there is one.”

4). Angel’s partner in the sportswear business she’s putting up is the scion of a tycoon surnamed Tan.

Becky: “Angel doesn’t know the son of Lucio Tan. I’m sorry na nadamay sila. Angel’s business partners are a group of young entrepreneurs.” (Note: Ethel Ramos said that Angel once told her that a certain guy surnamed Tan would be her business partner.)

5). Angel is not in London but is being “hidden” by Becky in L.A. for undisclosed reasons.

Becky: “Angel is enrolled at the London Fashion School. We’re staying at the John Howard Hotel at No. 4 Queen’s Gate, Kensington, which is near the Assumption Convent where Angel and I are going this weekend to meditate. I’ll send you photos as proofs soon. These rumors are desperate measures but then, you can’t put a good person down for long.”

6). Becky once worked as secretary of (the late) Sofronio Blanco of Agrix Films.

Becky: “Not as a secretary but as a PRO.”

There, too. Both sides of the story.
Ricky Lo
Philippine Star

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