Jul 28, 2007

Is Juday signing up with GMA?

Deal or no deal?
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“Deal!” said the Funfare Update DPA, referring to the hot news he relayed to this corner yesterday. “The deal is as good as done.”

On the sly, that is.

The “deal” the DPA is talking about is Judy Ann “Juday” Santos’ signing an exclusive contract with GMA. Juday’s contract with rival station ABS-CBN is non-exclusive, that’s why she has been

freely appearing in GMA shows and even starring in a movie, the currently-showing Ouija (with Jolina Magdangal, a GMA exclusive contract star), produced by GMA Films (with Viva Films).

If the DPA (who has “insider” connection to the advertising world where he got the “scoop”) is right, as he almost always is, then the Juday/GMA “deal” will constitute a tit-for-tat follow-up to the reports that Angel Locsin is signing up with ABS-CBN after her GMA contract expired last March 31.

Now, asked the DPA, who gets the bigger “fish,” ABS-CBN or GMA?

Your guess is as good as anybody’s.
Ricky Lo
Philippine Star

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