Jul 17, 2007

Joross and Jake take catnaps in one bed

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LOVE and harmony surprisingly reign even among cast members of the new soap opera Natutulog Ba ang Diyos? when everyone thought would be uncomfortable with, if not contemptuous of, each other.

The latest ABS-CBN 2 Sineserye offering puts together Dina Bonnevie with Rosanna Roces as well as Joross Gamboa with ex-girlfriend Roxanne Guinoo and with her new boyfriend Jake Cuenca.

Dina and Rosanna are known to be very vocal about their thoughts and opinions, and have strong personalities that can be very intimidating at times. But when Dina and Osang finally met recently for the first time at a pictorial for this drama series, no sparks flew. They were nice to each other.

Or putting it more positively, they had become too religious and too old to start some senseless controversy.

Both Dina and Osang have grown-up children now. Dina’s daughter Danica, is now married to cager Mark Pingree and will likely have a baby in a year’s time. Osang, as many of us know, is a grandmother now.

At the press conference for Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos?, both admitted that had they not strengthened their faith and brought themselves closer to God, they would have not survived the lowest points in their respective careers and private lives.

Dina recalled how she had to go through a second failed marriage a few years after her first one with Vic Sotto was annulled. And since her second husband was also her business partner, the failure of their marriage also led to their business bankruptcy. She proceeded to attend Bible studies more seriously and eventually became a renewed Christian. ‘’But I still go to Mass on Sundays because my foreigner boyfriend now is a Catholic,” she confided.

Osang, on the other hand, has been enhancing her retorts these days with biblical passages, even describing herself as a ‘’fisher of men.’

In the new series, which began airing last night, Osang portrays the cruel mother of Roxanne Guinoo, whose father (portrayed by Ronnie Lazaro) works in a firm owned by Dina and her husband (portrayed by the showbiz comebacking Mat Ranillo III).

Dina, despite her former reputation as a sharp-tongued and snooty actress, said the role of a cruel mother will do Osang a lot of good.

‘’The role will most likely create an impact on her reputation as an actress, more so because she was away from the camera for sometime.”

Osang does not feel her role will likely lead people to think of her as a cruel mother in real life.

“By now, the whole world knows I protected my daughter Grace from all the talks and the hurt. So, I don’t think my having accepted the role of a cruel mother would give me the image of a bad mother in real life,” Osang explained in Filipino.

Meanwhile, the three young lead stars—Roxanne, Joross and Jake—stressed that their off-camera relationship is more harmonious than ever. ‘’During long break times at the location, Jake and Joross even take catnaps in one bed,’’ revealed Roxanne on how chummy her current boyfriend and her ex have become.

ABS-CBN 2’s Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? is an adaptation of the Seiko movie, directed by Lino Brocka and top billed by Lorna Tolentino, Gary Valenciano, Gina PareƱo and Marita Zobel in the eighties. It is among the sprinkling of films made by Brocka for Seiko.

The now-airing TV adaptation is directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng and Retchie del Carmen. It also features the beautiful and brilliant come-backing actress Bing Pimentel and young stars Denise Laurel, Mara Lopez and Martin del Rosario

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