Jul 16, 2007

Isabel Granada missed Marimar audition

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Singer-actress Isabel Granada could have tried to audition for the role of Marimar in GMA7’s upcoming local remake of the Mexican soap phenomenon. However, she was a bit late and only learned of it after it was all through and commercial model Marian Rivera already got the nod.

In a chat with the press to promote her comeback film "Xenoa," Isabel said she would have wanted to try because she feels endeared to the role considering her Spanish lineage and the fact that she can sing and dance a la Marimar.

"I’d definitely try to audition had I known of it. I can sing and dance and have Spanish blood, so I think I deserve to try," she share as she expressed her excitement about her upcoming sci-fi film wherein she plays the lead role.

"Xenoa," to be regularly shown next month (August 22-28) at all SM digital cinemas nationwide, is touted as ’one action-filled visual feast promising to bust boundaries in local independent film-making.’

Young and first-time film director Sean Lim Lim was proud in saying Isabel was the perfect choice for her character Eli because of her almond-shaped eyes.

The Filipino-Spanish mestiza is portraying one of the heirs of planet Xenoa’s throne sent to Earth by their mother so they will get protected from the power struggle in the said planet. Her co-lead stars are TV host Paolo Ballesteros and fashion model Rafael Nanquil, while her real-life hubby Geryk Genasky also part of the movie.

"Matagal ko nang gustong bumalik, wala lang chance. I miss showbiz talaga," Isabel reflected.

Quite amusingly, some observers think of Isabel as a deadringer for Marimar. The actress, who carries a dual Filipino-Spanish citizenship, just smiled upon learning of this and told everyone there might be other and better roles available for her soon.

Yet, she didn’t somehow hide her desire to be part of the said series which is about to do its first taping: "I’d really want to act for the local version of Marimar kahit kontrabida ako. Pero ang alam ko kumpleto na rin ang casting nila."

Isabel is one of the more popular faces identified with German Moreno’s That’s Entertainment fame some years back. Though now aged 30 and had already given birth to a child, she has maintained her young-looking features, strengthening her bid to reactivate herself in the entertainment scene. "I have a license in flying an airplane. But I’m not pursuing it kasi di ako makakakanta sa eroplano. You just miss what you love doing kaya here I am trying to get showbiz projects."

She added, "I would like to do dramatic roles soon and hopefully become part of a teleserye. Whatever happens I’ll just enjoy this. It’s fun to be in showbiz."

Isabel has all praises for her movie "Xenoa," the story concept of which was based on the character of Star Wars’ Darth Vader, but in an opposite approach. The movie, with its attractive publicity poster getting attention from movie critics, had location shoots in Hong Kong and is said to boast off effective fight scenes and cut-edge special effects.

At least for a comebacking actress which did her last movie five years ago, "Xenoa" is really something to be proud of.

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