Jul 27, 2007

Impostora: Love lost, avenged and found

Impostora’s story of love lost, avenged, and found captivates viewers weekly as Lara and Sara continue to search for one another, without realizing that they have already found the answer to their prayers. The circumstances in which the twins find themselves provide a tragic irony that leaves the audience emotionally torn but nonetheless hooked to the series.
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Last week’s recap!

In last week’s episodes,

a very drunk Sara-turned-Nessa caught Lara and Nicholas (Mark Anthony Fernandez) together and made a big scene, much to her mother’s approval. Nicholas may have seemed agitated, but he secretly felt happy that at last, his wife is starting to show signs that she loves him. Even Nessa’s kids are beginning to like their “new" mommy, who regularly attends to their needs and even sets aside time for play.

This week, Alfred Vargas’s character, Carlos, will make a debut appearance on the telenovela as a man who will change Lara’s life. How can this young lawyer possibly cease Lara’s dilemmas? It’s Alfred’s much-awaited comeback on primetime TV, as his last role was in Encantadia (2005) and I Luv NY (2006).

Meanwhile, the war has begun between Yago (Mart Escudero) and Karen. When the former strikes, the latter would retaliate -- and everyone has noticed that the more they hate each other, the more they think about each other. With Trish (Charee Pineda) not in the scene and with Yago constantly plotting against Karen, it’s inevitable that something interesting might blossom between the two.

Lara and Sara

The two main stars of Impostora, Sunshine Dizon and Iza Calzado, worked together in Kung Mawawala Ka (2004) and portrayed majestic sisters in Encantadia (2005). After the success of their respective shows, Bakekang (2006) and Atlantika (2006), they return to the small screen as lead stars of this compelling tale.

Iza says she’s glad to be doing drama again. “Na- miss ko ito e, ‘yung drama na real life. Although you shouldn’t expect na ito ay maging makatotohanan talaga, other than that, totoong buhay pa rin ‘yung pino–portray. Wala na ‘yung mga costume-costume. Different (din) kasi I’m playing two characters, si Lara at Sara, and then my character here is very strong -- siya ‘yung mas focus ko dito. (I’m) kinda tired of being (inaapi)-api everytime!"

Shine also imparts that she’s welcoming the change in her roles from pa-tweetums to more serious ones. “I think I’m not getting any younger, and it’s nice na I’m able to mature in my roles. Ang mas mahirap kung pa-tweetums ka, tapos biglang (serious)! Parang ang pangit ng shift. At least ako, I gradually did it. I think I’m of age na naman. This is television, and as an actor, your age shouldn’t bother you." Shine also did a character study of Iza’s character Sara, in order to make her portrayal of the weak-willed twin more believable. -

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