Jul 28, 2007

GMA-7's Marimar: Marian: I won’t do it like Thalia

Mention Marimar and most probably Pinoys still vividly remember the Mexican telenovela. Its impact on televiewers is as strong as the gyrating of Thalia’s hips to the Latin beat.
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This time, the ’90s hit Marimar will leave a new mark on televiewers as GMA 7 airs a remake of the telenovela — giving it a new touch and twist — Pinoy-style.

The Mexican characters have become

local showbiz talents. Marimar is Marian Rivera, Sergio Santibañez is Dingdong Dantes, Renato Santibañez is Richard Gomez, Corazon is Manilyn Reynes and Angelica is Katrina Halili. Even Fulgoso the dog will again be seen as golden retriever Nigel acts as Marimar’s best friend.

But could they hook viewers to watching Marimar again?

“Although the characters are the same except that this time, they are younger. Our version is spicier, with lots of twists and turns compared to Marimar before. We have to make a new style as there are some aspects in the story no longer applicable these days,” Katrina says at the first taping day of the telenovela in a Zambales resort.

The way Angelica dresses, Katrina points out, does not go with today’s trend. So she made her character stylish to justify her status as the young, rich wife of resort owner Renato. She also thought of wearing a headband.

“There are kids who love to dress and look like the ones they see on TV. Aside from my acting, kids might also wear a headband to look like my Angelica character,” Katrina explains.

Although people are used to seeing Katrina play villain roles on primetime TV, she won’t be all meanness in Marimar. Unlike its Mexican version where Angelica is bad, Katrina assures televiewers will see a better side to Angelica’s character.

Does she dream of playing underdog roles in the future?

“Of course, I do. My tears easily fall everytime I hear sad songs. I cry whenever there are issues against me but it’s okay if the audience likes me as contravida,” says FHM’s No. 1 sexiest.

As for Marian, she veers away from Thalia’s acting style as televiewers might not see what she can do to play the role better. She was elated when chosen to play lead after several young actresses auditioned for the role, including Katrina.

That is why Marian did everything in preparation for the telenovela, like learning to sway her hips to the Latin beat and shedding shyness about wearing a two-piece swimwear for which she will do for the first time on TV.

“This is a real challenge for me and I’m taking this with a mindset that I could do everything so as not to disappoint the viewers,” Marian says.

She has portrayed roles that have tested her acting skills, like a mother in drama soap Muli and a good mom-turned-evil on Super Twins.

If Marian was able to play roles where she was someone who was not her age, how much more a character who is as old as she is?

“But I won’t do it like Thalia. I want to immerse myself in the character, not in the style of an actress who came before me,” Marian says.

Does she feel Marimar will lead to more juicy roles?

“It’s hard to expect. If I gave my best in every project in the past, this time I’ll be working double time,” Marian says.

Marimar airs weeknights starting next month.
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