Jul 22, 2007

Director Yam Laranas is responsible for Iza Calzado's break in Hollywood

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LOS ANGELES—A loud, vigorous “Mabuhay!” to director Yam Laranas for fighting for Iza Calzado to be cast in his US remake of his Filipino film, “Sigaw.”

In Hollywood, it is hard to stick to one’s guns, especially when it comes to casting. There have been many potentially fine movie projects that were spoiled by the casting of big stars because of their box-office appeal, not for their acting chops or suitability to the roles.

In our phone conversations with Yam,

we sensed his passion to keep a Filipino actress, specifically Iza, in “The Echo.” So imagine Yam’s frustration when, after all he went through to let Iza reprise her role, there was that initial problem with GMA network.

When the director called us with the good news that GMA is allowing Iza some time off from her TV show, we dropped everything. We talked to him as we were going through the chaotic security clearance at London’s Heathrow airport. The man sounded so happy.

Cheers also go to producer Roy Lee (“The Ring,” “The Grudge,” “My Sassy Girl”) for his belief in these two Filipino talents, Yam and Iza.
Ruben V. Nepales

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