Jul 21, 2007

Buffed up Aga is hot!

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For his role in “A Love Story,” Aga went on to lose weight. He was probably challenged because there are a lot of new faces who are coming out. But Aga really prepared hard for his role in the film so really had to look good.

“I think it’s my responsibility

to look good and feel good for the movie. It’s about time and I am not getting any younger so if I won’t lose weight now, kelan pa? Nakakapagod na rin naman to put on too much weight on your body,” says Aga. “Plus I want to look good because I am working with Maricel and Angelica.”

“Binabasa ko pa lang ang script, I got excited already. I’m back. And I’m back with a project that I can be proud of. I’ve never worked with Maricel before even though we’ve been friends for a long time. Here’s my chance to work with him and I feel that I am already complete,” says Aga.
Aster Amoyo
People's Journal

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