Jul 20, 2007


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ANGELICA Panganiban was launched to stardom in “Santa Santita”, but she feels her new movie with Maricel Soriano and Aga Muhlach is her toughest assignment to date, “A Love Story.” “Mas may pressure ngayon na mas pagbutihin ko ang acting ko para hindi ako mapahiya sa co-stars ko na parehong kilalang magaling,” she says. “So each time we have a shooting, the night before pa, I really study the script, memorize my lines, para handa na ako when I go to the set.”

How was it working with Director Maryo J. de los Reyes? “It’s my first time to work with him and I didn’t expect na ganun siya kagaan katrabaho.

Akala ko, matensiyon, but it turned kalmado lang siya kaya masaya sa set, and he tells me exactly what he wants me to do in each scene.”

She played Maricel’s daughter in “Separada” and “Ama, Ina, Anak” when she was six, and her sister in “Vietnam Rose.” Now, they play rivals for the attention of one man.

“At first, intimidated ako sa kanya. But one thing with Mama, ‘yan na ang kinasanayan kong tawag sa kanya, is she always makes you feel comfortable with her. Before each scene, dinadala niya ko sa sulok and briefs me how we’d do the scene. You’d not expect na isang Maricel Soriano will be so generous in giving you such advice, lalo in this film na ang dami naming dramatic scenes.”

She’s only 20 but she plays a 24-year-old flight stewardess in “A Love Story.” Aga in the movie is a successful businessman while Maricel is a doctor. We saw the trailer and it’s obvious it’s a love triangle story about a man who meets a woman he feels so right for him after he has already married someone else. But the trailer does not show who’s the wife and who’s the other woman. We get the feeling they’re playing a trick on us and it’s Angelica who’s the wife and Maricel is the mistress.
Mario E. Bautista
People's Journal

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