Jul 27, 2007

8 Pinoys make it to Hollywood Boot Camp

IN anticipation of the premiere of the reality TV show shot in Hollywood, Hollywood Boot Camp, Bigfoot Entertainment and QTV-11 revealed the identities of the eight Filipinos who made it to the finals, Hollywood Boot Camp brought eight young Filipinos to Los Angeles for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in the filming of a Hollywood film, Bigfoot’s horror flick Midnight Movie.
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At the end of Hollywood Boot Camp, one winner will walk away with $10,000 or a film package worth $20,000 that can be used to start a film project.

This film development package includes the use of Bigfoot’s state-of-the-art production and post-production facilities and equipment in Mactan, Cebu. The winner will also receive a two-year contract with Bigfoot and guaranteed work on Bigfoot’s international film projects.

From a month-long nationwide casting process that covered universities and film organizations in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, the following were chosen as the eight most eligible:

Apple Pueblo. This 22-year-old editor is easy-going, with a passion for film and the desire to learn new skills such as acting and cinematography. While Hollywood Boot Camp is the perfect avenue for learning, it also is a contest, but compliant Apple prefers to simply submit herself to the judges’ decision. This lack of feistiness could walk her away from the prize.

Arvin Trinidad. This actor swore to be himself all throughout the competition, “I’m just going to be me. Ironic but actors can be more of themselves compared to non-actors. It’s because the actors search for the truth. I am real.” Transparency is a virtue, but in a competition, it’s an undoing.

Denise Aguado. Twenty-year-old student Denise is the youngest contestant in the competition. She is also arguably the most confident. She has been quoted as saying that she is willing to do anything to win. Can Denise handle her youth and lack of experience so that she survives against the older, more experienced contestants?

Domenico “Minco” Fabregas. Despite years of experience in film and television production, Minco maintains an open mind. He believes in self-discovery and always being on the lookout for good opportunity. In Hollywood Boot Camp, Minco will have to learn to put those traits on the side and focus on one task: beating the competition.

Lorenzo “Chitoy” Aviles. An established graphic designer in his native Cebu, 31-year-old Chitoy also brings with him experience in film editing. Skill is learned through time and experience, and it is always a source of pride. Will Chitoy’s pride allow him “unlearn” those skills and start from square one to cope with Hollywood Boot Camp?

Miguel “Michael Merchan” Vasquez. Fiercely passionate over film, Michael draws strength on the realization that we are all actors and directors of our own lives. But passion is a funny thing. While it motivates, it can also consume, and Michael will have to effectively control his passion in order to win Hollywood Boot Camp.

Randolph “Randy” Vitales. Randy has intense enthusiasm for all things film. He also has multi-dimensional talents and wide-ranging experience—and he knows that. Though this Manila native might just be the perfect package for Hollywood Boot Camp, can he keep his exuberant self-confidence from destroying his chances?

Shereen Saiyed. Twenty-three-year-old actor, host and musician, Shereen is known for creating her own atmosphere in any environment. She is a charismatic performer who thrives in the spotlight, but being adept in front of the camera does not mean you know anything about what goes on behind it.

For Hollywood Boot Camp, all eight contestants lived in one house that was run like a boot camp, and competed in various film-training challenges that included writing, directing, cinematography, editing, production design and acting.

Catch their personal back-stories, challenges and group interactions, and fight for the top spot in the eight-series reality TV show Hollywood Boot Camp premiering on QTV-11 on Aug. 13 at 8:30 p.m. The Philippines’ air transport flag carrier, Philippine Airlines, is proudly on board as Hollywood Boot Camp’s major sponsor.

To know more about Hollywood Boot Camp and its eight contestants, visit www.hollywoodbootcamp.net.

For more information on Bigfoot Entertainment and its projects, visit www.bigfootentertainment.com.
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