Jun 28, 2007

Ms. Universe: Honey Lee Will Conquer Japan, Han Hye-Jin (Soseono) And Kim Seung Soo (Daeso) Of Jumong Will Tag Along

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Beauty pageant winner Honey Lee will play the traditional Korean instrument gayageum at the "Love Sonata 2007 Revival Japan" concert to be held at the Super Arena Stadium on July 24th.

Her performance in Japan is particularly meaningful, as she will be joined by her mother, a master singer designated as intangible cultural relic No. 23, and her sister, who is also a gayageum musician.

Other Korean performers popular in Japan will take part in the concert, including Korean actress Choi Ji-woo of "Winter Sonata" fame, Han Hye-jin and Kim Seung-soo, two stars of the TV series "Jumong".

Honey Lee has become well-known even in Japan after she was named the fourth-place runner-up in the 2007 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. The concert, which will be simultaneously aired in Korea and Japan via Korea's CGNTV, will be a great opportunity for Honey Lee to rise to stardom as a Hallyu star in Japan.

Lee's sister, Lee Seul-ki, said that Honey Lee is taking a break from her heavy schedule to practice for the concert. The Lee sisters say that they want to let the world know about the beauty of traditional Korean music. Honey Lee will find out how ready she is by performing at the Euijeongbu Arts Center on June 26th.

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