Jun 29, 2007

Move: GMA's Episode Guides

June 18, 2007: The First Cut

Guests: Jesi Corcuera, Dex Quindoza, Lizzy Pecson and Prince Stefan

For the first time, Move will feature the 51 applicants who made it through the initial screening and the callbacks. This is the first cut, but it may also be the last for some of the applicants. A showdown will take place to cut their numbers from 51 to 24. Who will remain? Plus, watch out for a surprise announcement that will rock the show.

June 24, 2007: Move it up!
This Sunday, twenty six movers will move out and twenty four movers will move up to the next level.

Catch Billy as he starts the show with his hot song Steamy Nights.

And don’t miss a non-stop dance showdown this Sunday as the fifty contestant battle it out to earn that coveted spot on being Billy Crwaford’s next dancer.

Watch the second episode on youtube.

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