Jun 28, 2007

Bianca Gonzalez: No getting over ex-boyfriend Lino

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By Gerry Plaza
MANILA, Philippines -- It seemed model-TV host Bianca Gonzales has not gotten over her ex-boyfriend Lino Cayetano.

Months after their break-up, Bianca said the television director, now reportedly wooing model-celebrity KC Concepcion, remained an important part of her life. Bianca added she would be happy for Lino if he found inspiration in his work or from other people.

“I don’t think I have a say naman po or any business in saying whether accepted ko or not. I don’t have any business po to say anything about it. Pero of course, Lino was an important part of my life and is important part of my life, so, kung merong nakakapag-inspire sa kanya ngayon, whether tao or yung bago niyang movie, siyempre, happy ako for him,” Bianca said in the “Pinoy Big Brother Big Night” press conference last Monday.

Bianca admitted the pain she endured after their separation.

“I’m just a girl. Of course, na yung important part ng life mo, kung malaman mong parang may mga moving on nang magaganap, siyempre, maapektuhan ka,” Bianca declared.

Bianca revealed that they had formally parted ways and found closure but it took a “long process” to reach it.

“(Their formal separation took) a long process of talking and seeing each other. Yes, of course, there was (closure). Oo naman po, may closure na.”

But with reports about Lino’s unyielding courtship and incessant pursuit of KC, wherever she is, Bianca confessed she was hurt.

“Oo naman po. Siyempre nasasaktan din. I’ve never denied na talagang he’s an important part of my life na ang dami niyang naitulong sa akin as a person, so, oo. Pero normal lang yun,” Bianca said.
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