Feb 3, 2008

You should watch out for GMA-7's The Legend

I think its now 100% confirmed that "The Legend" or "The Story of the Great King and the Four Gods/The Story of the First King's Four Gods" will air on GMA-7 this March in replacement of The Coffee Prince.
Why is The Legend a thing that shouldn't be missed? Its because the production cost alone of this series is the most expensive TV show to date, beating Jumong which used to hold the record in S.Korea.

MBC spent 45 billion won on The Legend or roughly 2 billion in Philippine pesos.
Can you just

imagine that? I've seen an excerpt of the series where there's a confrontation scene
between Gods and I was awed with the CGIs and special effects, it definitely can rival Hollywood's special effects.

I'm telling you, you'll miss half of your life if you miss this.
I'm currently finishing a Juicebee section for The Legend, so come back soon and
you'll have a comprehensive guide on the TV series just like with what our readers had with Jumong, Hwang Jini, etc.
Edit: Here's what Juicebee has for GMA's The Legend

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