Feb 17, 2008

Robin Padilla will bare all on Joaquin Bordado this Monday night

Robin Padilla will have a daring scene on Monday night in his Joaquin Bordado TV series on GMA-7.
Here's an excerpt from Funfare:
Besides enduring at least six hours of tattooing on his arms and all over the upper part of his body for his new fantasy-adventure starrer Joaquin Bordado (which

premieres tonight on GMA), Robin Padilla has agreed to do something daring he has never done before even for a movie — strip naked in one scene.

“Did I wear plaster?” Robin smiled enigmatically during a one-on-one with Funfare two hours before the “breath-taking” launch of Bordado recently, during which his daughter Kylie (cast in the series as Erenea the Warrior Girl, one of the tattoos which come to life when summoned by Joaquin in times of danger) executed an exciting if risky stunt which saw her dangling on a rope tied to the ceiling of GMA’s Studio 3. “Find out for yourself. Basta, naghubad ako dito. Talop na talop ako.”

All for the love of and respect for Carlo J. Caparas who created the Joaquin Bordado character which was first played (on the big screen) in 1988 by former Sen. Ramon Revilla (who did not go nude as Robin does). As telebabadders (avid followers of GMA shows) very well know, Bordado is only the third in a series of Caparas classics being revived by GMA, following last year’s top-rating Bakekang (starring Sunshine Dizon) and the ongoing also top-rating Kamandag (starring Richard Gutierrez).

Joaquin Bordado is an “event,” it being the first team-up of two “kings” — Robin, the new King of Action TV, and Caparas, the undisputed Komiks King.

“The two Original Bad Boys of Philippine Cinema,” said somebody close to both macho men in jest, with unmistakable fondness in her voice. “Aren’t the love lives of Robin and Carlo as colorful and as varied and as exciting as the myriad of tattoos on Joaquin Bordado’s body?”
Well, she has a point. As I said, Robin holds Carlo in such high esteem that he has said yes to throwing caution and clothes to the wind. (“Besides,” said Robin, “it’s called for in the scene.”) If you ask me, Carlo should be declared a National Artist for bringing entertainment to the public in all media — komiks, film and television.

Co-directed by Mac Alejandre and Argel Joseph (with the creative team headed by Suzette Doctolero), Joaquin Bordado is about the adventures of a sales agent cum police asset/assassin whose life and death change when he becomes the chosen heir of the powerful tattoos on his body — (aside from the Warrior Girl), Miguela (cherubim), Araty (rat), Asaru (snake), Kris (sword), Lamina (eagle), Jihasu (jaguar) and Orago (dragon).

Others in the cast are: Iza Calzado as Joaquin’s wife, Mark Herras as Joaquin’s brother Jason, Pen Medina as Jilco the mysterious prisoner, and comedians Ariel and Maverick as Joaquin’s comrades Tom and Jerry. Playing the villains are Eddie Garcia, Ian Veneracion, Rommel Padilla, John Regala, Mon Confiado, Rez Cortez and Antonio Aquitania.

Since it’s his first fantasy-adventure TV starrer, Robin, so to speak, left no stone unturned in his preparation for the role (doesn’t he look as fit as, as the cliche goes, a fiddle)?

“To get this kind of body,” revealed Robin, “I had to run up and down the stairs of the 20-storey GMA Building as many times a day as I could, non-stop each time. I used to weigh 178 lbs.; now, only 158 lbs.”

Robin has become fond of Iza Calzado who has won not just his heart but those of their other co-stars and co-workers through their stomachs.

“Magaling na artista at maalalahanin, malambing,” said Robin of Iza. “She always brings food to the set, not just for me but for everybody.”

Because of their “realistic” kissing scenes, there’s a possibility that Robin and Iza might be rumored to be an “item,” just like what usually happens between him and all (no exception) his leading ladies. But Robin posthaste nipped in the bud any such possibility, knowing that Iza has a US-based boyfriend and he, his wife Liezl Sicangco who is based in Gold Coast, Australia.

Asked how he will spend Valentine’s Day with Liezl miles away, Robin simply smiled.

“We have celebrated in advance. Ninamnam na namin.”

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