Oct 1, 2007

KC Concepcion: The next megastar

EVERYONE was completely mesmerized by KC Concepcion in the ABS-CBN special From “Paris to ‘Pinas” two Sundays ago. Well, ABS-CBN says this special was just an icing to the cake, so to speak, of what we can expect from KC in the immediate future as she’s still studying her options very carefully.
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Very clearly, KC inherited the good looks of her biological father, Gabby Concepcion and the beauty and finest qualities of her mom, Sharon Cuneta. In the past, she has proven that she can sing and act. Today, a full-grown woman at 22, she has become a ravishing beauty. More than that, she is intelligent, articulate and has an infectious sense of humor. Furthermore, she is well-bred, educated and so-down-to-earth. Walang kayabang-yabang.

After Sharon, no other star seemed deserving to be called a movie queen or megastar. Viva Films tried to package Sarah Geronimo as the next Sharon but she has yet to prove that she can really act.

A true star is someone who possesses the X factor and one need not look far. From what we have seen in KC in her special and the magic she wove when she met the press people, she is without any doubt, the next important discovery for 2008. She might just be hailed as the next megastar.

Remy Umerez
People's Journal

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