Sep 20, 2007

Pops tells YES! her story behind failed marriage

After Ogie Alcasid's revelation about his separation from Australian wife Michelle Van Eimeren and his true romance with Regine Velasquez in the June 2007 issue of YES! Magazine, the number one entertainment magazine comes up with another tell-all interview on its October 2007 issue.
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This time, Pops Fernandez reveals to Jo-Ann Maglipon and Anna Pingol about her journey of falling in love and the mixed emotions she felt while trying to save her marriage to Martin Nievera.

In the 17-page feature on Pops, she bravely tells the root of her conflict with her former husband. The story gets deeper as Pops recalls the self-denials she was having within the 13 years of their married life and how she found out about Martin's affair with Katrina Ojeda.

"Everybody was talking about it, they just couldn't tell me. Actually, when I found out, they'd been going out for, like, a year already. They were seen in places na. There were [newspaper] articles about it na...

"After one year of them kinda seeing each other, meron akong mga moments na, I would catch him... but I was so in denial. I think it never occurred to me that he could fool around. I can take it if people called me stupid, but that's what it is," says Pops about the affair of Martin and Katrina when they were still married.

Pops also tells YES! what prompted her to finally tell her story that has been kept from the public for a very long time.

"I'm so sure he [Martin] will come up with his own version. But I know what I know. And I don't forget anything that's traumatic in my life, all the painful things. And I definitely remember all these because these are the things that almost made me want to die," says Pops.

Meanwhile, YES! also has an exclusive interview with Martin conducted by Leah Salterio. The Concert King talks about moving on after his marriage to Pops ended. Martin narrates the struggles of living in Las Vegas as a performer. He excitedly tells how his three boys—Robin, Ram, and Santino—are getting along and his life with partner Katrina Ojeda.

Ruffa Gutierrez and Yilmaz Bektas also sat with YES! and PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) to chat about their true feelings about their much-publicized conflict.

YES! also gets into the home of broadcaster Karen Davila and her minimalist-style home. Get intimate with Karen as she talks about family life as well.

The October 2007 issue of YES! also visits the set of Fulhaus, the new sitcom of Vic Sotto with girlfriend Pia Guanio. It also shares photos of Dennis Trillo's first trip the US.

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