Sep 4, 2007

Joey de Leon and Willie Revillame will face each other at the Senate

Expect the one-on-one grilling of rival noontime show hosts Joey de Leon and Willie Revillame at the senate. Mar Roxas has filed yesterday a resolution to formally look into Wowowee's 'Wilyonaryo
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketcontroversy' in aid of legislation.

With the Resolution No. 111, Roxas said it is the responsibility of the state to protect the interest and welfare of the consumers including the 'sales promotion' as dictated by Republic Act No. 7394 or more popularly known as The Consumer Act of the Philippines.

Further, Wilyonaryo is said to be included which is a game segment of Wowowee, particularly the alleged cheating in the particular contest, especially since there's a huge money involved from P100,000 to P2 million.

Roxas' plan to investigate the current fiasco is based from published reports in different publications and the complaint of Prof. Bayani Santos Jr., submitted under Senate Committee on Trade and Commerce for a quick, fair, and unpartisan investigation against Wowowee.

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN is supposed to hold a second press conference for the Wilyonary scandal but has decided against it upon receiving the copy of the Senate Resolution 111.

From Bong Osorio (ABS-CBN Corporate Entertainment Division head):

“We called for a second press con sana, kaya lang we’re calling it off.

“Our apology because we just received a copy of the Senate Resolution number 111 and it has been filed by Sen. Mar Roxas directing the Committee on Trade and Commerce to conduct an inquiry in aid of legislation on the controversy surrounding the 20 August 2007 episode of Wilyonaryo segment of ABS-CBN-2’s game show, Wowowee.

“I’d like to reiterate, however, that we are open for any form of investigation, inquiry of external audit of the controversial Wilyonaryo, the new segment of Wowowee.

“We’re not going to hide anything. I’m sure, the questions in many of your mind right now is show us what happened. And I’m sure that it’s going to be demonstrated when we go to the Senate for hearing.

“So, we would like to say that we will cooperate with anybody that would like to ask us the question on what exactly happened. Thank you very much.”

Right now the Kapamilya network is waiting for the formal senate hearing.

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rene said...

Tell Joey de Leon to just SHUT UP..
he will not be able to compete with Willie Revillame....they are LAOS NA... so tell them to just SHUT UP...
IF WILLIE REVILLAME will apologize to joey I will cancel our subscription to TFC and I will campaign for other FILIPINOS here in the US to do the same...Willie did not do anything...Joey tell him to SHUT UP....

Anonymous said...

TO rene, I dont know kung anong klaseng mind meron ka! e prokapmilya ka lng, comment ka ng comment. sana maging Happy ka kay JOEy coz he is speaking for the public... ikaw na nga ang niloko ng wowowee and especially sa mga TFC subs. tapos ikaw pa ang nagtatakip sa willie na yan!

ikaw sana ang mahiya sa pinaggagawa ni willie!!!! ANONG wala?? so bakit nga may two numbers!!!
mahiya ka.. ang bobo mo! kayo na nga ang dinaya!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

katawa talga e2ng RENE na2..
sana maompog ka para nman matauhan ka! napakaloser ni willie, baka nga cguro pareho kayo! mandaraya at walang binatbat.
maski nga ang public apology ang bobo ng pinagsasabi nya!
yea inamin na nman ni willie na mali cya eh.. napaka loser tlaga ng IDOL MO na WILLIEBULOK!

Anonymous said...

true..ano kayang klaseng pagkatao meron yang rene na yan...cguro kagaya sya ng Idol nya na si Willie pati na rin ang love network nya na mandurugas...