Sep 11, 2007

Hwang Jini GMA-7

Here is the list of Koreanovela Hwang Jini characters and cast that will be shown soon on GMA-7 that's dubbed in Filipino or Tagalog. Hwang Jini is a Korean period drama just like Jumong (Joomong) Prince of Legend and Jewel In The Palace.
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1. Hwang Jini (Hwang Jin Yi)
Actress: Ha Ji Won
Hwang Jini was a supreme dancer, musician, and poet during her lifetime. Her father is a nobleman while her mother was a dancer. She lived during the Joseon-era, where at that time Hwang Jini was among the class of Gisaeng (also known as Kisaeng). Even though her father is from the noble class, she’s still considered as a Gisaeng because her mom is one too.

During the Joseon period of Korea, a Gisaeng was looked down by the high-class society and considered a Cheonmin, or "vulgar commoners". But HwangJini is no ordinary Gisaeng, because she was legendary for her exceptional beauty, winning charm, quick wit, and extraordinary intelligence. History describes Hwang Jini as assertive (knows and pursues what she wants), and with an independent nature.

Because of her extraordinary combination of good looks, skills, self-confidence, and skills, she became the most famous Gisaeng during her era. Many men with aristocratic and notable ranks in turn, fell in love with Hwang Jini.

But life is not easy for Hwang Jini because to start with, she belongs to the lowest class of society even if she achieves so much.

2. Bu Yong
Actress: Wang Bit-na
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Bu Yong is also a Gisaeng and is perpetually jealous and envious of Hwang Jini. She tries her best to overshadow Hwang Jini but always fails. She cannot accept her own inferiority and lack of genius, so she resorts to mean tactics to make life a lot harder for Jini.

3. Yim Baek-moo
Actress: Kim Young-ae
The chief dancer of the Joseon court, Baek-moo trains young dancers and has a stubborn personality. She takes pride in dancing and uses harsh training methods. But deep inside, she is torn by sadness.
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4. Kim Eun-ho
Actor: Jang Geun-seok
A man who belongs to aristocratic class and falls in love with Hwang Jini and he becomes the first love of Jini. He shows her that his love is pure but their differences in social status will become a huge reason for their agony, thus their love for each other is set to fail.
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5. Byuk Kye-soo
Actor: Ryoo Tae-joon
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Another man who falls in love with Hwang Jini. Like Eun-ho above, he belongs to the noble class because he’s a relative of the king. Hwang Jini rejects him over and over again and his pride is wounded, but he persists on having Jini so he resorts to different ways like having her abducted so that he can have her.

6. Kim Jung Han
Actor: Kim Jae Won
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He’s a noble man who always saves Hwang Jini whenever she’s in a difficult situation or abducted yet again by the men of Byuk Kye-soo. He also falls in love with Jini.
7. Young Jini Hwang:
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She grows up in a temple under the care of monks and living with other temple children. Even when young, young Jini shows a persevering spirit and stubborn head. She gets into a lot of trouble and persists on copying the Gisaeng dance.
8. Preserved Egg:
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The cook in the Gisaeng school where Jini is enrolled is her mother. She is clumsy and lacking in self-confidence. Her best friend is Jini and always supports Jini's hopes.
9. Jini's mother:
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She went blind because of heartache but didn't abandon her music. She insists that Jini shouldn't be a Gisaeng like her, which is against their law.
Yim Baek-moo's right hand:
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She is the loyal assistant of Yim.
11. ?
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She is the fiercest rival of Yim and also owns a Gisaeng school.
12. Temple Monks:
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They raised the young Jini Hwang in secret and gave her an education according to her mother's wishes.


RoxyBathory said...

Hello Nadine! Long time no see. Remember me?

BTW... Hwang jini is so great that I've already watched this on my DVD, only to be dismayed by its all-chinese-no-korean-option audio and horrifying grammar of English subs. Kaya nga atat na atat ako na ipalabas ito ng GMA eh... and it really fared well. Hwangjini even surpassed the negative predictions of some Kapusos who objected GMA for airing this (bakit di na lang daw kasi Fashion 70s).

Sabihin nating because of schedule kaya sinuerte ang Hwangjini, but that is not always a factor. This is way luckier than Jewel since the latter took a week or more bago maka-above 30. Hwang jini, on the other hand, hit 31.5 on its 2nd day. Hindi pa nagawa iyan ng Only You, Which Star Are You From at Princess Lulu... in fact, they took weeks to get 30% ratings. Which Star Are Your From lang ang hindi pinalad. Masaklap, nag-teenager nung nilagay sa slot katapat ng Jumong...tsktsktsk...

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Anonymous said...

napanood ko na to eh. magandang panoorin. hindi nakakainis yung mga karibal ni hwang jini di katulad sa dae jang geum aka jewel in the palace. sa jewel in the palace kasi personalan silang lahat. kakapagod ang away nila. nwei, panoorin nyo to. maganda.

kala ko magkakatuluyan sila ni minister...