Sep 26, 2007

Camille Prats on Paul Soriano: "There's nothing to forgive"

Camille Prats has admitted bravely that she's five months and a half pregnant with non-showbiz boyfriend Anthony Linsangan but controversy still surrounds her present condition.
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In a phone patch yesterday on his dzXL program Wow, ang Showbiz! (10:30 a.m. to 12 noon, Monday thru Friday), host Ogie “Miss O” Diaz asked Camille if she has already forgiven TV director Paul Soriano, son of Jeric Soriano whose father was the late Nestor de Villa; and current flame of Toni Gonzaga) who only said “No comment” when asked if he was the father of Camille’s baby before Camille made a clean breast of it.

“But there’s nothing to forgive,” said Camille. “Paul is my friend and he has done nothing wrong to me.”

Camille also “absolved” Richard Gutierrez who is being accused in text messages as a “suspect” even now that Anthony Linsangan has confirmed that he’s the father.

“Friend ko si Richard,” said Camille. “We became close while we were doing (the GMA action series) Captain Barbell.”

Camille told Miss O that she and Anthony will name their baby, if a boy, Nathaniel Caesar.

“Nathaniel is from The Bible while Caesar is the name of Anthony’s grandfather. When I visited Anthony’s lolo before I left for the States, he told Anthony and me that he wanted our baby to be named after him kasi iilan lang daw ang apo niyang lalaki na magdadala ng apelyidong Linsangan.”
Ricardo F. Lo
Philippine Star

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