Aug 18, 2007

Yilmaz Bektas talks about struggle with Ruffa on their decision where to live


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Anonymous said...


HELLO.... even this jerk/wanker got amnesia his 'wifey' is an adulterer & bigamist??? shoot! he talked a lot of nonesense which is neither here nor there-- when bigamy is the real issue in this cockamamie tacky melodrama.Their tacky wedding turned out to be bogus-- so how the hell can they even petition for residency permit anywhere in europe as a family? Turkey? Ruffa committed fraud ,bigamy etc-- didn't he say this himself only a few weeks ago???

He's not not even turkish by blood-- but a Kurd, you know the tribe being annihilated by S Hussein... so he has to watch his p's & q's with turkey..he's only an immigrant..

he keeps talking about his 'business'.. yeah... drugs-- like Pacino said in Scarface-- I am a businessman!

ah what WANKERS!!!! both of them-- who are they kidding??? but themselves, & the lowest of the low class in Phil-- who doesn't know any better.

neither one of them will ever have any cred until they address the issue of bigamy ,adultery, fraud committed by Ruffa Gutierrez.. even in US-- she's a suspect-- who needs to be investigated.

Anonymous said...

ah the Philippine goverment is proving to be so ineffectual & an utter joke being legless & having no balls-- when it should be prosecuting Ruffa for her bigamy--& to think le tout' Manila being made utter jerks as ninongs/ninangs at their tacky wedding???!!!!

do that at another country they will be total pariahs & being in jail! and having these court jesters shut up for good!

shameless!!! Filipino morals have really declined through the years-- as it's mickey mouse goverment!

Anonymous said...

ah, Bektas is so fuc*ing ignorant & full of sh*t like his prentious 'wifey'.. wanting to 'buy' an English horse for a 2 yrs old??

shoot! those horses thousands( & can go up to mil ) of pounds! and I've been with horse brokers in England-- so he can just zip it with this rubbish! even a pony cost a lot.

no wonder he & ruffa cannot get enough of each other-- they're both full of sh*t!!! BIG TIME!

Anonymous said...

duh............ problems where to live???? fool! your little wifey is a jailbird, that's why! & you're no prize either-- no wonder you also wanted your kids borne in US-- as you have problems entering US soil.( why you were absent during their births) what good will all these pretentions do you & ruffa now? she's wanted in US.