Aug 22, 2007

Will it be Angel's Taong Lobo Vs. Richard's Kamandag?

There are rumors circulating now that Angel Locsin's future ABS-CBN's show entitled 'Taong Lobo' will go against Richard Gutierrez in his upcoming GMA show 'Kamandag'.
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Lordy, if that happens it will be a fight between two ex-love team partners more popularly known as 'ChardGel'. They both became superstars when 'Mulawin' aired in GMA. Angel was 'Alwina' and Richard was 'Aguiluz'.

It was ok for Richard that Angel decided to transfer to a rival network since that's her personal decision but reportedly Richard asked not to have their shows aired on the same time slot.

Perhaps Richard doesn't want Angel to become a rival that's closer to home especially he has confirmed recently that he and Angel were real 'M.U.' couple in the past which Angel also confirmed.

Imagine competing against your friend that you've worked with for several years? If this is true, we'll see who really has the star power between the two but more importantly we'll see if friendship will be forsaken for glory.

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