Aug 23, 2007

Ruffa Gutierrez will persuade Yilmaz Bektas to live in the Philippines

Ruffa is very happy about the recent development of her relationship with Yilmaz. She says she saw the happiness of her two daughters Lorin and Venice with Yilmaz' visit.
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During her guesting at ABS-CBN's Boy & Kris last August 21, she relates to the show the joy of her children while hugging their dad.

"Seriously, siguro ang masasabi ko ngayon, I'm happy because my kids are happy and I would like to put my happiness aside for the happiness of my kids," Ruffa said.

Her family right now is intact, and whatever happens from thereon she will accept if God wills it.

"My kids are very happy," she says. "They are very close to their father and I don't wanna take that away from them, e. I want them to grow normal. Kaya kung paminsan-minsan may tampuhan kami ni Yilmaz, hindi ko na lang pinapahalata sa kanila."

There are times when Lorin and Venice are look contently at their dad who's deep in slumber.

She was asked if she would come back to Istanbul had she not signed a contract with ABS-CBN.

"No. I'm not," she quickly answered. "No pa rin, but maybe I can encourage him to live here with us."


Anonymous said...

ha.. what a load of crap!!! she's afraid to return to turkey bec she broke their laws-- committing fraud/perjury & bigamy. the chances are- she'll be arrested as soon as she lands on turkish soil.

so let's forget the Lies-- she cares about her kids-- she didn't think about them when she committed bigamy nor when she muddied the name of their father, did she???!!

this so called reconciliation was instigated by her-- to cool Bektas for pressing on with those Bigamy charges.

and he's such a 'pussy' he went for it. laughable!

Anonymous said...

goodie! have Bektas live in Phil & have a kebab stand selling at Central Market-- great! that's about his speed, bully to his being a 'millionaire businessman'!

they're made for each other-- both full of shit!