Aug 24, 2007

Nikki Gil talks about love

Nikki Gil who turned twenty years old yesterday talked about her experience in the love department.
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ABOUT GEOFF EIGENMANN. Geoff is serious in courting Nikki but according to her, she could at most only be friends with him.

She says Geoff and herself are not compatible as a couple since they both have different lifestyles and views in life.

“Humor is a big factor for me,” says Nikki, but quickly adds that Geoff does make her laugh but on a different level.

“Hindi naman sa hindi ko type si Geoff, pero hindi talaga puwedeng pilitin, eh. Ako pa nga ang lumalabas na masama tuwing may ganitong interview, dahil panay deny ako. Kung puwede nga lang madala ng hitsura ang lahat…

“Ewan ko, hindi ko rin maintindihan ang gusto ko. Gusto ko lang pa-date-date, getting to know you as friends, kasi when you start out as friends, wala kang talo, unlike ’pag lovers agad, ’pag naghiwalay kayo, ang dami mo agad nakakagalit, like ’yung friends and family ng guy.”

GAB VALENCIANO. More or less, that's what happened between her and Gab when they broke up recently.

She describes their five-month relationship as 'rough' because just like with Geoff, they were too opposite of each other.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Nikki admits she envies close friends Iya Villania and Toni Gonzaga who are both happily in love with Drew Arellano and Director Paul Soriano, respectively.

But Nikki believes the right guy will come with God's proper time.

She says she's not the type who practices trial and error or who collects boyfriends, because she believes in quality over quantity.

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