Aug 1, 2007

Much ado about Angel’s exit from GMA 7

Poor Angel Locsin! She’s trying to lead a life of anonymity in London for a few weeks while taking a crash course in fashion design, and some quarters are exhausting all means to pull her down.
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When she gets back, she will be welcomed with open arms, er, mouths by her detractors. It’s mudslinging galore just because of a business deal that has gone haywire.

Although Angel has yet to formally sign a contract with ABS-CBN, her manager Becky Aguila has

confirmed the transfer of her main ward from the Kapuso to the Kapamilya network. GMA 7 execs have all the right to feel sad because they were the ones who groomed Angel into the big star that she is now.

But they should not feel bad. Just like a parent letting go of a child, GMA bigwigs must be the first ones to be proud to see Angel soar in another territory. Why deprive her of broadening her horizons?

Trite as it may sound, the best gifts any mentor can give a protégé are roots and wings. GMA has paved the way for Angel but she wouldn’t have made it this far if not for her talent and hard work, too.

I find it hilarious that some network execs are showing too much emotion in their TV interviews about Angel’s bolting. Shouldn’t they be on top of the situation and assert that no star is indispensable?

Why resort to dirty tricks, like showing Angel’s footage when she was in a foul mood, and desperate measures such as unleashing nasty rumors about her (abortion, sex video, secret lover… ad infinitum) now that she’s miles away?

If they really believe all that, then they should just say good riddance to Angel.

It’s like badmouthing an ex after you split up. If an ex was that awful, what were you doing with him all those years then?

Unsavory remarks

I ask Becky how she feels about all the unsavory things Lolit Solis has hurled at Angel. Would she do the same thing to Lolit’s wards? Isn’t there an unwritten rule that talent managers should look out for each other?

Becky sighs. “I have mixed emotions. We’re not close but she was nice to me before. I want to sit down and thresh out things with her.”

Angel should brace herself for more issues when she comes home from London. If only her crash course in fashion design there also included how to make a “one-size-fits-all networks” costume so that she can look at her audience straight in the eye as long as she knows she’s dressed for the part.

Next queen
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I teased Katrina Halili. “Now that Angel is gone, you’re bound to be the next queen of GMA!” She blushed. “I don’t want to think of it that way. That’s too much pressure. Whatever projects the network gives me, I’m thankful. I will try to do better in each show.”

If she were Angel, would she make the big switch? “I would stay put with the network who took care of me,” she says. What’s her advice to Angel? “I don’t know the whole story behind the story but maybe she should think a thousand times before finalizing her decision because hindi biro ang ginawang pag-alaga sa kanya ng GMA.”

Hmm… FHM’s sexiest woman also seems to be GMA’s wisest star. It’s not only her vital statistics that make her an asset to the network.
Dolly Anne Carvajal

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