Aug 30, 2007

Miss Teen USA: Ms. South Carolina can't answer the question

18 year-old Caitlin Upton was simply clueless how to answer the question:
"Why can't one fifth of Americans find the U.S. on a world map?"

Her funny answer:
“I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uhm,
some people out there in our nation don't have maps and uh, I believe that our, I, education like such as, uh, South Africa, and uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should, uhhh, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, should help South Africa, it should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future, for us.”

Upton actually won the third place. She also guested on the Today show to explain herself regarding the question.

“Personally, my friends and I, we know exactly where the United States is on a map. I don’t know anyone else who doesn’t. If the statistics are correct, I believe there should be more emphasis on geography in our education so people will learn how to read maps better.”

She explained that she was shocked at the question hence she froze up. “Everything did come at me at once. And I made a mistake — everybody makes a mistake — I’m human. Right when the question was asked of me, I was in shock!"

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