Aug 24, 2007

Kim Chiu flies high with her debut album, ‘Gwa Ai Di’

At the first sight of Kim Chiu, one will surely notice her sweetest smile that makes her petty face glow. But this 17-year-old Chinese Cebuana is more than just beautiful. Kim Chiu was first known as the big winner of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Edition, and from there instantly capture the hearts of the viewers. This young lady who is a role model of many, acts, sings and dances! Even now, she continues to win people with her multi-talents and charm.
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Kim Chiu truly has a promising career on her side. We have been moved by Jasmineaka Poknat in the teleserye "Sana Maulit Muli" that she did with love team Gerald Anderson. It was after her stay at "Bahay ni Kuya" that her showbiz career began. She immediately got a role in Star Cinema’s "First Day High" mid-last year in which she starred with Gerald, Maja, Geoff, JC and many more. People just love her that’s why not long after that she was offered a break in the recording industry. Star Records saw the potential hit of an album by Kim Chiu. Due to her tight schedule though, the project was completed a little longer than expected. Interestingly, the delay only made the timing better, if not perfect. The young artist has matured and gained more confidence compared to her humble self last year. ABS-CBN has model her well into being the star that she is.

Now at the peak of her career, our lovely Kim Chiu releases her first solo album entitled Gwa Ai Di - a compilation of pop and teen love songs that will make you want to sing all day long. It is composed of eight tracks, which includes the carrier single, Crazy Love, an enchanting rhythm that will trap you into daydreaming. It speaks about a bittersweet scenario, a love that can never be. Another potential hit single is Trying, has a positive mood that springs from the idea of knowing what love is. Meanwhile, there are 3 Chinese songs in the Album: Peng Yeo, The Moon Represents My Hearts, and "Gwa Ai Di." Kim first sang Peng Yeo inside the PBB house. This is a friendship song done the Kim Chiu way and transcends any age bracket. The other Chinese song, The Moon Represents My Hearts, is usually sang during weddings. The song Gwa Ai Di offers a more mature perspective on romance. Carrying the actual title of Kim Chiu’s album, it represents Kim’s growth as an artist as well. Meanwhile, her duet I’ve Fallen For You with Gerald Anderson will surely make a lot of fans beam with excitement especially with their upcoming movie to be shown mid-August of this year. And lastly, the Heartbreak Song will readily share one’s sorrow from a "can’t move on" situation.

Catch Kim Chiu live at the malls promoting her debut album, Gwa Ai Di on the following mall events. Aug.26 - Bluewave Marikina, Sept.15 - SM Bacoor, Sept.16 — to follow, Sept. 22 — c/o RNG, Sept. 29 — Ever Grand Central.

For those who are currently in love, the broken-hearted, the young and young-at-heart, "Gwa Ai Di" by Kim Chiu is up for grabs now.

Available nationwide, only from Star Records.
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