Aug 25, 2007

KC Concepcion–from endorser to performer

Due to the celebrity status of her parents, Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion, KC Concepcion has been in the public eye since birth. Everyone in show biz expected that it would only be a matter of time before the cute kid would become a performer like her mom and dad—but mom Sharon had another plan for her daughter.
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Probably because she didn’t want to expose little KC tofeather her nest, and remain in the public eye from childhood to her teenage years.

Once in a rare while, she was able to perform in stage musicals, but endorsements still figured most strongly in her life.


Then came her decision to study in Paris, and some people thought that move was just a prelude to KC to end up living and working abroad.

Recently, however, after finishing her course in Paris, KC came home to promote her forthcoming TV special on ABS-CBN. It was also intimated that the now grown-up Ms Concepcion might finally decide to become a performer after all—with some movies possibly lined up for her to star in.

If those plans do pan out, KC’s fans will finally be able to see the young-adult star essaying what her mother does best—act and sing. They had wanted KC to do this years ago, when she became a teenager, because that was when her mom, Sharon, also became a movie star.

But, it was not to be, possibly because Sharon thought KC was still too young to deal with the darker side of stardom. She herself had to cope with those pressures, and they sometimes got the better of her, culminating in her becoming a wife and mother before she had turned 20.


Naturally, she didn’t want her daughter to go through all of that, so her movie debut was indefinitely postponed. Now that KC is a young woman, however, she can more maturely cope with the dangers and “temptations” of stardom, hence her impending “graduation” from endorser to performer.

How well will she do in her new career thrust? Having minored in theater arts in college, she can be expected to have learned the ropes of acting. In terms of singing, her voice is quite tuneful, if still lacking in power. So, she should do quite well as a performer.

To do even better than that, however, KC may have to deal with a possible limitation resulting from her “sheltered” lifestyle. Excellent thespians rarely come from such a protected and sanitized background, because exceptional performances are generally based on realistic problems and conflicts.

Aspects of life

In other words, to become a better performer, KC may have to expose herself to the rougher and more real aspects of life, so she can portray characters different from herself.

Since most young women are not to the manor born, KC really has to make up for this slack, so that she can believably portray “ordinary” characters.

How can she pull this off? Her similarly well-born mother, Sharon, who’s acquired the common touch, can point her in the right direction!
Nestor Torre

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