Aug 1, 2007

From ‘Bagets’ to ‘A Love Story’

DO you know that it was not Maryo de los Reyes who was originally assigned to direct the movie, "Bagets," which served as Aga Muhlach’s launching vehicle?
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When starmaker Douglas Quijano conceptualized the project, he originally had Aga in mind for the title role. Aga was only about 14 then, virtually a

newcomer in the movie game. But Douglas said he knew people will be curious about him because of his family name. Aga was the elder cousin of child wonder Niño Muhlach.

But to Douglas’ disappointment, Mother Lily Monteverde was not so keen on doing the movie when he presented the project to her. And none of the directors he had in mind showed any enthusiasm about directing the movie. Among those he considered were directors Elwood Perez and the late Ishmael Bernal.

Douglas was left with no choice but to propose the idea to the late Mina Aragon, who co-owned Viva Films with husband Vic del Rosario. Immediately, Mina was excitement about the project, especially after learning from Douglas that the word "bagets," in gay lingo, meant "bagito" or male teenager.

Mina suggested that other newcomers be allowed to co-star with Aga in the movie. Eventually Francis Magalona, Herbert Bautista, Raymund Lauchengco and JC Bonnin were given parts. The only actor in the movie who was in his 20s was William Martinez.

The female stars were Eula Valdez and Yayo Aguila.

It was Mina’s choice to get Maryo to direct the movie.

After "Bagets," Direk Maryo and Aga worked together in several movies, among them in "Abel Morado," "Joey Boy Munti," "Ikaw Pa Rin ang Iibigin" and "Sinungaling Mong Puso," which won for both of them several awards from major award-giving bodies.


Direk Maryo considers his current movie, "A Love Story," his first directorial job with Star Cinema, as a reunion movie not only with Aga but also with Maricel Soriano as well. He directed Maricel in many films, among them "Schoolgirls," "Anak Ni Waray, Anak Ni Biday," "Underage 2," "Dinampot Ka Lang sa Lupa," "Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit," "Saan Darating ang Umaga," "Minsan May Isang Ina" and "Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang." "A Love Story" is Maricel and Aga’s first team-up.

Asked how Maricel and Aga are in "A Love Story," Direk Maryo said: "Ang sarap sarap pa rin nilang idirek. Now I don’t have to dictate to them anymore how to do a scene. They have reached a very professional level. They have both matured a lot as actors; they’ve become even more intelligent. Our working relationship has matured a great deal, likewise.

"Napakasarap nilang ka-trabaho," he further stated.

"A Love Story" is about relationships. It’s about a happily married couple. However, this does not stop the husband from falling in love with another woman.

"A Love Story" features Angelica Panganiban in her first adult role.
Ethel Ramos

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