Aug 2, 2007

Diether Ocampo’s the salt in Margarita!

A former bartender, actor Diether Ocampo revealed that his favorite drink has always been Margarita. So when asked what kind of a Margarita his leading lady, newcomer Wendy Valdez is, he simply answered a "potent one."
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"The drink would have lots of tequila. Kaya pag-inom mo pa lang tatamaan ka agad. Nakakalasing siya pero the mixture’s just right," he smiled.

But the TV project they’re working on together is not about the popular Mexican cocktail drink though its name is

the same title as the show "Margarita" which started airing last Monday. In the said drama series, Diether Ocampo will be entangled in a love triangle with Wendy and another newcomer, Bruce Quebral. And coming from the successful fantasy-action-series "Rounin," "Margarita" is a welcome change for Diether.

In his new soap opera, Diether cuts his hair short (he sported long locks in "Rounin"). From looking rough, macho and scruffy, he morphed into a clean, younger, and matinee idol type of character in "Margarita."

"The new look is an important part of my role. If you’ve noticed in my past projects, my different roles required different looks. I had long hair for a long time for ‘Rounin.’ This time dapat clean look. So I could portray my role well, I have to change my look too…I’m really concerned with portraying my role convincingly well," he explained.

But don’t let his looks deceive you. He may be clean–shaven and debonair yet his character (his name is Bernard in the series) as an affluent man coming from an influential political family is deep and full of surprises. Like any powerful man, his weakness in the series would be Margarita, a show girl in a night club, whom he’ll be obsessed with!

"If you ask me, Wendy is perfect for the role…I find her very sensual. Sensual is different from sexy because there’s a romantic angle when you say sensual. Of course that will only happen on ‘Margarita,’" he safely described his leading lady.

As of press time, Diether still doesn’t know how sexy or steamy his scenes would be with Wendy, but he’s confident that it would be television-friendly.

"Margarita" is helmed by a "threesome" of directors – FM Reyes, Erick Salud and Trina Dayrit. It also stars Elizabeth Oropesa, Rio Locsin, Dick Israel, Nonie Buencamino, Keanna Reeves, Joseph Bitangcol, John Manalo and Sharlene San Pedro.

But does Diether believe in a "threesome" or love triangle?

"There’s no such thing as a threesome. Whether you like it or not, when you get involved in a threesome, you’ll end up hurting someone. I don’t want to be in a position to hurt someone. But it’s okay that I’m the one to get hurt," he replied.

With regards to the reaction of his real–life love, Kristine Hermosa, to his new series, he said that she’s happy for him. It’s also been reported that Wendy has a long–time crush on Diether Ocampo.

"We talked about everything. Ang maganda sa amin we support each other pagdating sa mga projects namin especially sa mga tulad ng ganitong bagong formula and tandem. So she’s also excited para sa akin," he shared.

As to Wendy having a crush on him, he just said it was flattering.

For Diether, it’s not only Wendy that is exciting him for the said TV project. It’s a new role for him even if there’re some nuances of sexiness required from him.

"Actually, I’ve graduated from those ‘sexiness.’ Pero kapag merong nanghahamon, bakit hindi," he said.

Diether Ocampo is once again visible in the realm of soap operas. But according to him, this is not an indication that he has lessened time for any of his activities or businesses.

"You just have to balance everything. You have to give time for your business, your jobs and the foundation. At kahit anong mangyari hindi mo pwedeng pabayaan ang iyong trabaho!"

When it comes to the drink Margarita, which ingredient does he think he is?

"I’m the salt. The Margarita won’t be complete without the salt!"
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