Aug 2, 2007

Angel Locsin to get higher talent fee than ABS-CBN’s long-time stars?

The gap between actress Angel Locsin and GMA Network gets wider and uglier. Over the weekend, Angel, who is now in London for a crash course in fashion designing, was given a harsh beating in GMA 7’s showbiz-oriented shows, "Startalk" and "Showbiz Central."
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Angel, who is being branded as an "ingrata" for her impending transfer to ABS-CBN after years of being built up and supported by GMA 7, should have real apprehension about how the public will accept her from hereon.

After all, history will remind us time and time again that a star’s luster starts to dim the moment he is branded as "walang utang na loob." This also explains why ABS-CBN

seems to be out on a limb protecting its newfound talent. We hear Angel’s side of the story in every column and radio show by the drumbeaters of the network all the time, even more so after GMA finally lent its piece when Wilma Galvante rendered their version of the story once and for all.

At the onset, GMA 7 executives were naturally upset, displeased and disappointed with Angel’s decision because they felt cheated. Who wouldn’t anyway, when up close and personal, Angel tries her best to unruffle their weary feathers but behind their backs, something else was being hatched. What’s worse was that Angel had kept from them the fact that her manager was negotiating with ABS-CBN. If that is not scheming in the eyes of Wilma, who was directly affected being involved in the meetings and all, it is betrayal of trust in the first degree because they loved this girl whom they help blossom in her career.

Whether Angel was pressured by her manager, Becky Aguila, to move to ABS-CBN after Angel’s contract with GMA 7 expired last March 31 or not, the fact of the matter is that she has hurt a lot of people already. Even those who have tried their best to protect her, even from herself. Remember those writeups about her maltreatment of production people? Mr. Showbiz has come across living witnesses of these "prima donna" behaviors and demands but GMA 7 did it best keeping it from the public’s eyes.

Becky negotiated with the Kapamilya network for Angel’s controversial transfer, with matching huge talent fee. It’s understandable that ABS-CBN will lure Angel with a bigger talent fee to switch networks. But what’s this we hear that ABS-CBN agreed to give Angel a higher talent fee per taping day than some of its long-time talents like Judy Ann Santos or Claudine Barretto? That is aside from Angel’s film project with Star Cinema where she reportedly will be paired with Piolo Pascual.

In "Showbiz Central," GMA 7 executive Redgie Acuña-Magno also explained the network’s side on the protests being hurled against GMA 7 by Becky Aguila, with regard to Angel’s TV projects and schedules. A tearful Redgie said they were always looking after the welfare of Angel and they were not the ones to be blamed for the actress’ lack of rest because of her hectic schedule. After all, it was her manager who accepts all these offers.

On DZXL, Lolit Solis also said a mouthful about Angel’s alleged skeletons in the closet. The actress reportedly had an abortion when she had an unwanted pregnancy with her late boyfriend, Miko Sotto. This maybe the reason why Ali Sotto, Miko’s mom, gets emotional when asked about Angel.

Lolit also disclosed that Angel’s mom was only a maid who was gotten pregnant by her dad, Angelo Colmenares. Angel was also reported to have had a sex video with a Japanese guy, something that her manager, Becky, vehemently denied.
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