Jul 16, 2007

Sam Milby forgives FX taxi driver, will not file a complaint on erring driver

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Actor and matinee idol Sam Milby forgave the FX taxi driver who almost killed him and friend Liz Uy, a fashion editor and stylist who is also the girlfriend of actor John Lloyd Cruz.

Speaking about the incident over ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz” on Sunday, Sam said, “I am of course upset but at the same time I know that I've been very blessed. He's an FX driver. I'm sure he has a family to feed. So I gotta really suck it up and just, you know.”

Sam was driving his car along C-5 in Taguig City on July 10 on his way from a bar in Makati City to take friend Liz to her home in Ortigas, when they were suddenly struck by an FX taxi that made an illegal U-turn around 5 a. m.

Sam said that actress and friend Anne Curtis had asked him to drive her and Liz to a bar in Makati and join them in a night out with friends.

“They (Anne and Liz) wanted me to be their driver. So I picked them up. We went (to the bar) and then we left.

“He (the FX driver) was coming from Kalayaan road so he was red light actually, he just came out of nowhere talaga, I was surprised. He made an illegal U-turn too soon,” said Sam.

Sam also said that the FX driver even tried to flee the scene. After crashing onto the actor’s car, the driver started his own vehicle and began to drive off.

Sam said that he even chased the driver with his own car and managed to stop the FX.

After the police became involved in the incident, the actor decided not to press charges against the FX driver.

He said that he and Liz called John Lloyd who is now in the US to assure him that everything was all right.
It's a good thing nothing major bad happened to our Sam Milby and his friend. However I'm kinda kilig with this news, since it seems to confirm a special something between Anne and Sam. If you missed Anne's interview with Boy & Kris where she was grilled about Sam Milby, then you should definitely read this!

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