Jul 17, 2007

Pauleen Luna, Valenzuela Mayor Gatchalian are 'special friends'

s Pauleen Luna and her ardent suitor finally on?

"We're special friends. Super bait ni Win. Despite his status, he's so humble. My parents like him," Pauleen ecstatically revealed to Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist, Dolly Anne Carvajal.

Pauleen was of course referring to the young mayor of Valenzuela, Bulacan—Sherwin Gatchalian who is reportedly courting the pretty young actress. Pauleen for her part openly admits that the re-elected public official is indeed pursuing her and it was obvious that she likes him back.

Sherwin and Pauleen have been good friends, especially during the last elections when she campaigned for him.

In an earlier statement, Pauleen said that she was still unsure where their friendship would lead since everybody was busy because of the elections. But now that things are finally settled, Pauleen and Win are obviously picking up from where they left off.

Once more the question: is she ready to be a politician's wife?

"Not yet," she asserts. "I don't wanna rush things."

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