Jul 26, 2007

A new Aga Muhlach graces the big screen

Guess what Aga Muhlach has been doing at the time you didn’t see him on television. He pumped iron, ate only oatmeal, and built a resort somewhere in Batangas.
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Today, the actor who seems to be forever young looks like he is ready for a new chapter in his career as an actor.

This new Aga Muhlach will be

seen in the forthcoming movie titled A Love Story, which, according to the people behind the movie, could be the year’s much-awaited blockbuster.

If you’ve been watching television lately and doesn’t flick the remote to change channels while a program goes on a commercial break, you have had a glimpse of the new Aga via the new Solmux commercial.

Aga returns to the silver screen to play another challenging role, as the young tycoon “Ian Montes.” A self-made man, despite being an heir to vast shipping fortune at birth, Ian has had to claw his way to the top as he fights two battles—one against his mother’s memory for abandoning him at an early age, and another with his father, who has never let him forget it.

Ian finds himself caught—ironically, while at the top of his career—as the man in the middle once more. Torn between the devotion and unconditional love of a woman in the medical profession, played by Maricel Soriano and a sensuous, worldly woman who works as a cabin attendant in a commercial airline and is portrayed by Angelica Panganiban, he must first discover how he must forgive himself.

Aga has been missed so bad by his fans. And with this new movie, I will not be surprised if, indeed, A Love Story would be a monster hit.
Isah V. Red
Manila Standard

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