Jul 16, 2007

First ever comedy-reality show on GMA 7

Trust GMA 7 to always think of "firsts."

This time around, the network is coming up with the first ever comedy-reality show entitled "Kung Ako Ikaw" featuring the amusing tandem of proven comedians Joey Marquez and Kempee de Leon. A comedy program interpersed with reality, "Kung Ako Ikaw" will premiere today, July 16, after "Jumong." Thereafter, the show will be aired from Monday to Wednesday.

"Kung Ako Ikaw" presents many celebrities, whom ordinary people look up to and idolize, as they take on menial jobs under ordinary people as their bosses.

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Just like in the movies and in television, everyone has a role to play in life. Yet things would certainly taken an interesting turn when people switch roles: What is an ordinary worker is given the opportunity to become the boss? And what if the people who would take on their everyday lives and tasks would be the people they look up to — like today’s most sought-after celebrities? If celebrities were to shed the glitz and glamour of their careers, what kind of work would they do instead? And if these celebrities were to become ordinary workers, would they be able to handle the grueling and wearisome jobs? Will they give up or will they last? That’s what viewers will find out on the exciting new "Kung Ako Ikaw."

Each week on "Kung Ako Ikaw," three celebrities will be tasked to do menial jobs and live lives or ordinary people, and they will be called "Manggagawa." The celebrity "Manggagawa" will be tasked to do a themed job under one supervisor who will be called "Bisor." The "Bisor" is the expert on the particular job featured each week. Everyone may think he has an easy task, yet when given a closer look, his job is usually grueling and wearisome. Through the show, the ordinary worker would be given the chance to become boss. The celebrities will be the "Bisor’s" workers and will live as the "Bisor" does: That is, shedding their privileged status and leaving behind their personal assistants, surviving on pure hard work, determination, and wit. Witness just how hilarious real life can get in this interesting switch!

The "Bisor" will be the one to set the criteria for rating the "Mangagawa," and every Wednesday night, he or she will decide who among the celebrities delivered best. The audience will also be invited to take part in deciding who among the three celebrity "Manggagawa" performed best. The audience may start voting for their bet on Monday night up to Wednesday night, when the winning celebrity"Manggagawa" will be announced in a live episode. The winning celebrity"Manggagawa" will win P100,000 and the "Bisor" will also get special prizes. The text voters who voted for the winning celebrities will also get a chance to be the lucky winner of P20,000. A new set of celebrity"Manggagawa," a new "Bisor," and a new job will be introduced each week.

The many jobs that could be featured on "Kung Ako Ikaw" are divers for oysters and pearls, frog catchers, balut vendors, boatmen of Pagsanjan Falls, people who carry tourists in Boracay, those who remove rust from ships, fish deboners, women who test different deodorants, those who traffic airport runways, guards of national monuments, dancing traffic enforcers, alamid-coffee farmers, night watchmen in cemeteries, coffin designers, and tombstone-makers.

Interesting? Certainly. Viewers will surely witness the truly hilarious aspects and scenes of real life in the first and one-of-a-kind comedy-reality show on GMA 7, premiering tonight after "Jumong."

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