Jul 17, 2007

Breaking News: Toni Gonzaga and director Paul Soriano finally admit their special relationship

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Toni Gonzaga has been thrillingly candid this afternoon, July 17 on the taping of Boy & Kris about her feelings for director Paul Soriano. When Kris Aquino asked her if she loves Paul, she didn't hesitate to answer and said out loud, "Yes!"

Kris further asked if they have a relationship and Paul who's the grandson of late Nestor de Villa quickly said out loud, "Yes!" Kris was visibly thrilled with their answers together with the show's studio audience.

Toni was also asked if Paul is the man she's been waiting for and she says that the good-looking director is the answer to her prayers.

The much-loved young host, actress and singer also gave this passage from the Bible to Paul: "I thank God in every remembrance of you.", when she and Paul was asked what they can promise to each other. She also said that she can't promise anything, however she did give that beautiful quote from the Holy Book to her now boyfriend.

But Paul answered much better to the touching passage from Toni which also comes from the Bible: "My heart will always be with you."

Tony narrates to the press writers after the taping that she met Paul October last year at the concert of Gary V in Music Museum. She didn't have any notable feelings for him because at that time she had a different "special someone" .

It's on the last week of June this year that she said yes to his proposal for a relationship.
It was just last night, Sunday, July 16 when Paul formally introduced her to his family in a special dinner prepared just for her. Everybody from Paul's family was present including his four brothers.

Both of their families welcome and accept their relationship. "Okay kay Mommy si Direk," Tony adds.
She simply calls him "Direk", while he calls her "Toni".
Sniff, this is so sweet Toni, I hope both of you will truly last. Congrats!
The airing of the said Boy & Kris episode will be on Friday, July 20. Make sure you won't miss it.


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