Jul 19, 2007

A blessing in disguise

As Inday Badiday used to quote her mom, Even the falling of a leaf has a reason.
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In hindsight, Martin Nievera looks at what happened to his cancelled shows in Las Vegas as a blessing in disguise because it forced him to slow down, what with all the free time he suddenly had, and, as they’d say, smell the flowers. Yes, Somebody Up There must have given Martin “a reason” to focus his attention on something more important and more immediate.

“It gave me time to be with my family,” he said, referring to his beloved Katrina Ojeda and their eight-month-old son Santino, and Ram (his son with ex-wife Pops Fernandez) who was then spending a vacation with them in Las Vegas last month. “All these years, I’ve been so busy that I kind of forgot one important thing — spend more time with my loved ones.”

Part of his bonding especially with Ram was a memorable family trip to Disneyland where, Martin recalled, “I felt like a child all over again. For a change, Ram was thrilled playing kuya to Santino.”

One bright note: They stopped over at Pixar which has in its staff some Filipino artists who are behind such animation hits as The Incredibles, Cars and Ratatouille. A promising artist, Ram showed some of his sketches to the Pixar guys and they liked them.

Which means that Ram could someday work at Pixar where he plans to return with more of his works in December when he, hopefully, goes back to Las Vegas with his Kuya Robin (who is into music).

More “family bonding” happened last Sunday, July 15, at Alabang Country Club where Martin and Katrina, together with Katrina’s sister Sophia and her husband Jinggoy Lige, hosted a reunion party — actually, an “advance” first birthday party for Santino who’s turning a year old on Oct. 23 yet. Besides Santino, the other “celebrator” was Jinggoy and Sophia’s son Emilio.

“It was the right time,” said Katrina, “because everybody was around.”

“Everybody” included not just Ram but his Kuya Robin who was seeing his half-brother Santino for the first time.

Between now and first week of August when he, Katrina and Santino go back to Las Vegas, Martin will have more time not just for occasional shows but — yes, yes, yes — to smell the flowers.
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