Jun 30, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother: Bianca Gonzalez Dresses The Big Four

If Tina's brief return inside the Pinoy Big Brother house is not enough,
what can be more surprising than ex-celebrity housemate, now PBB host, Bianca Gonzalez, to come back to the the big yellow house. Hours before the Big Night show, the Big Four were obviously wracking on their nerves, and no one else can see them through this tenseful time than Bianca, once a part of the Big Four of last year's PBB Celebrity Edition. Moreover, Bianca brought with her the clothes that the four will be wearing for tonight in Araneta Coliseum as we all witness who among them will be this season's Big Winner.

For tonight, Big Brother chose to stick with a formal theme, hence a slick tuxedo for Mickey and elegant gowns for Beatriz, Gee-Ann, and Wendy. They all tried to see if their clothes fit week180630clothes.jpgperfectly. Mickey never looked more handsome as he could give James Bond a run for his tux. The Fil-Austrian will certainly make the ladies at the Big Dome scream, being the only guy in this season's finalists. Beatriz, on the other hand, loved her dress so much despite its simple design. "Gusto ko 'yung damit ko, simple. Simple lang pero maganda, aaaaaa!" the Sassy Girl giggle as she hugged her dress. However, Gee-Ann got the jitters when she saw her dress for tonight, which she found "super bold" given the "super backless" design. The Cheering Chick even requested for a double-sided tape so she could at least cover some part of her body. But her close friend, Mickey, told her that she should not be embarrassed by her dress, instead, she should feel beautiful in it. Gee-Ann said that the dress was great, it's just that "there are some parts of her that are better off unseen."

After they had lunch, the four were instructed to put on their week180630clothes2.jpgrobes as the make-up artists havearrived. Gee-Ann was the first one to take the vanity seat, next was Beatriz, then Wendy, andMickey was the last. All day long, Kuya was playing some upbeat and head-banging songs insidethe house, probably to get the Big Four's minds off the pressure of tonight's much anticipated grandfinale. Be sure to catch tonight's live telecast on ABS-CBN to see who among Beatriz, Gee-Ann,Wendy, and Mickey will be hailed as the Big Winner. You only have a few hours to enthrone yourfavorite into the top seat by texting BB (housemate name) and send it to 2331 for Globe, TouchMobile, Sun Cellular and Bayan Span subscribers or 231 to Smart, Talk N Text and Addict Mobile subscribers.

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