Jun 29, 2007

Harry Potter's Radcliffe kisses and tells

TOKYO -- Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe may be a wizard at kissing but the teen sensation revealed Friday that he is still a gentleman when it comes to locking lips.

Radcliffe's kiss scene with Katie Leung, who plays his schoolmate Cho Chang, is a highlight of the latest Harry Potter movie and tugged at the heart strings of the film crew who have watched the British actor grow up over the years.

Producer David Heyman told a press conference in Tokyo that the crew gave them lots of space when shooting the scene because "you never want to be too close to someone as they've got their tongue down someone else's throat."

But Radcliffe was quick to stress that the kiss was not quite that passionate.

"For the record...tongues weren't actually used," said the 17-year-old British actor, who has been described by Leung as a "great kisser".

"I feel I should make that point unless everyone gets slightly carried away," he added.

Radcliffe, in a black T-shirt and jacket, also said he receives "hundreds and thousands" of letters from Japanese fans, as well as some peculiar gifts including a "big ear" magic toy used to shock friends.

"The Order of the Phoenix" is the fifth film adapted from author J.K. Rowling's hit series of books, and is being released just weeks before the long-awaited seventh and final book is published.

Harry, who is meant to be 15 in his latest film, goes through teenage angst and his first romance with Cho. Radcliffe himself turns 18 in July.

The huge $150-million production follows Harry and his classmates Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger for their fifth year at the Hogwarts school.

The film will hit cinemas around the world starting on July 11, and will go on general release in Japan on July 20.

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