Oct 1, 2007

Gerard Butler of 300 will star with Hillary Swank on ‘P.S. I Love You’

Gerard Butler will star alongside with Oscar winning actress Hillary Swank on the film adaptation of Cecelia Ahern's best-selling novel, 'PS, I Love You'.
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Gerard has a cult following with female viewers because of his role as the larger than life King Leonidas of Sparta in 300.
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In the movie 'PS, I Love You', Gerard will play as a late husband of Holly Kennedy (Hillary Swank) who dies of brain tumor.

Holly finds it hard to move on after the loss of her husband but Gerry her late husband wrote letters to her to be opened on the first of every month starting the month after he died. The letters are thoughtful, and range from the exotic to things to help Holly get her life back on track. Each one ends with the novel's title phrase, "PS, I love you". With the help of her friends Denise and Sharon, Holly finds a way to keep going even when the one thing she loved more than anything else has stopped.


PIslander said...

FYI, regarding Gerry Butler's fans.

there have been hundreds of thousands (not an exaggeration) of admirers of Gerry's work for YEARS, for some dating back to "Dracula 2K, "Timeline", "The Jury", and a real biggy, "Phantom of the Opera."

Altho many of his fans enjoyed "300", it was NOT that film that brought Gerry to our attention.

"300" made OTHER people, such as the comic book boys and action fans NOTICE Gerry Butler.

He's a remarkable actor, so very male, and compassionate, in every role ("Dear Frankie", "Beowulf & Grendel", "Shattered", Terry Sheridan in "Tomb Raider 2".

The huge majority of his fanbase that has been with him for more than 6 months have been looking forward to him taking on contemporary roles, such as "PS...I Love You", "Nim's Island" and "Game.".

Anyone who tries to pigeon-hole Gerry into one type of role will be very disappointed, because he will not let that happen.

Set aside your prejudices about films that involve committed love, untimely loss and the efforts to move forward and just enjoy "PS...I Love You".

Gerry is very funny, charming and breath-takingly sexy, so this film is ideal for him.

Then watch for "Nim's Island".

You can do it.

Ela said...

islander I couldn't have said it better, thanks for the information I guess I was trying to say that 300 has placed Geard on the mainstream map. I was probably still skipping rope with the movies you mentioned about him prior to 300.

Anyway I prefer him over other A-list Hollywood stars, any other actors that portrayed Leonidas in 300 would have appeared wooden given their limited stimulation in their shootings. Butler is an intelligent actor to win so many viewers, anyone else would have botched it.