Aug 6, 2007

Social Experiments Take Center Stage Tonight, in Noypi

Celebrities play real life this Monday on Noypi, Ikaw ba 'To, as the show kicks off with its one-month celebration!
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How will people react when their favorite stars step in the shoes of an ordinary Filipino living in the "D" social bracket? Find out this Monday, August 6, as William Martinez, Yayo Aguila, Joross Gamboa and Nikki Bagaporo all assume different guises and for one day, walk a different kind of life.

Celebrity couple William Martinez and Yayo Aguila spend a

day with a rolling cart as their home. How will they survive the challenges of street living when they nearly got nothing?

Meanwhile, Nikki Bagaporo poses as a street kid for one day, and discovers what it's like to live on alms! Also, Joross disguises as a leper, and finds out how people react to other people with such a disease.

Noypi also takes a trip down memory lane and gives you a recap of various social experiments made in the past. Who among them showed the values of a true Filipino and who failed to pass the test? Get to find out this Monday night, as celebrities take real-life center stage on the streets of Manila, on "Noypi, Ikaw ba 'To?", right after after "Bandila".

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