Aug 9, 2007

Angel `di puwedeng gumawa ng pelikula with Piolo

Be warned, I'm shocked myself with this very blunt article about Angle Locsin that's bordering on being libelous.-Ela-
POOR Angel Locsin ha-ha-ha! Tinitilad-tilad talaga siyang parang Piling Bikol. Hayan at lumabas ang katotohanang anak pala si-ya ng katu at kahit si Ma-dam Becky Aguila ay walang magawa para i-deny ito.
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Come to think of it, many years ago, and this was when Abe Paulita was still very much active with the tabloid Toro, a plain-looking woman who was visibly impoverished went there and was trying to persuade our nephew to have her daughter featured at the said tabloid.

“Pero pangit naman talaga ‘yung nasa picture (na eventually ay naging ang

sensational GMA star na si Angel (Locsin) na ang cheap pa ng suot na shorts kaya walang pumansin du’n sa babae.”

Well, that was many years ago. Today, Angel Locsin is causing GMA-7 truckloads of heartaches and Mother Lily Monteverde, too.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Hitsurang nagtitili raw si Madera at pinaringgan ang Star Cinema not to touch the Locsin woman for she still supposedly has an eight-picture contract (or as it five?) with her movie outfit. Ha! Ha! Ha!

In effect, hindi raw magagawa ni Locsin under Star Cinema ang movie nila ni Piolo Pascual.

Ano ba ‘yan? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anyway, kalat na kalat na sa cellphones ang sex video supposedly ni Angel kung saan she was being made love to by a Japanese national who was enormously well-endowed. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Dakung-daku talaga ang Japok at marami ang nai-el sa sex video na ‘yun.

Well, ang sabi, hindi naman daw talaga si Angel ‘yun at kamukha lang niya. Whatever, the similarity is very startlingly obvious and if you happen to be na├»ve, you’ll have the impresion that it was the controversial actress that you’re ogling at.

Apart from that, talk- of-the-town din ang abortion issue kay Locsin at feeling sad daw talaga ang ta-bachingching na si Ali Sotto dahil kung hindi raw ipinalaglag ang baby, sana’y may alaala ang kanyang anak.

Oo nga naman.

Anyway, tipong ang haba-haba ng hair nitong dating negra at kulang sa gandang si Locsin.

Imagine, ini-insinuate na hindi naman daw sa Turkey nag-go si Robin Padilla kundi sa Merika para i-meet doon si Angel.

On the sideline, Cogie Domingo’s purportedly dying to be with this supposedly scheming woman for the simple reason that it is she whom he is attracted to and not FPJ’s daughter Lovi Poe.

Hay, naku! Usung-uso talaga ang gamitan sa show business. Ha! Ha! Ha! Whatever, another man that’s being-link to this highly despised woman is the son of a former actress who owns a bank and who is a lawyer by profession.

But still, the purveyors of gossip just won’t stop with their allusion on the brown-skinned actress’ supposed intimacy with this young man who happens to be the son of a ci-garette magnate.

Ang sabi, maliban sa pagpi-finance sa garments business ng aktres, he’s also allegedly the one who’s spending for her very expensive stay in London.


No match talaga sa kanya ang isang sexy actress noon (na ‘di hamak na mas flawless, classy at mas maganda compared sa kanya … Ha! Ha! Ha!) na naturingang karelasyon ng anak ng nasabing businessman, pero walang biya-yang nai-enjoy at nakititira lang sa mga amiga niya at peren- nially in need of dough.

Anyway, playing the field nga ang drama nga-yon ni Locsina.

But until when?

For one, she’s not that young anymore and it’s only a matter of time before she turns 30, she really should make hay while the sun still gloriously shines.

Ang tanong, how would she fare with the English speaking women of ABS-CBN knowing how pretty limited and limiting her spoken English is.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Let’s just wait and see.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Pete Ampoloquio, Jr.
People's Taliba


Lany said...

This article and the writer sounds pathetic. Leave Angel alone! You cannot put a good man down! If you cannot say something good about the person, better keep quiet!

I donw know why you have been given the space to destroy a person. Please contemplate on this: "I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again"

Anonymous said...

what good person?? u just came out from a cave? ur the pathetic one hija!