Aug 9, 2007

Alfred Vargas, one of the richest local actors

WHO among our male actors today would make it to the list of showbiz richest at age 25?
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On the top 10 list, actor Alfred Vargas would definitely be included. The Hammerhead hunk derives his income not from acting alone but through the various businesses he and his siblings have established.

Ever heard of a retail shop called Vente? Alfred and his sisters are behind this

concept where every merchandise is sold at P20 only. “You will be surprised that our twenty pesos can still buy a lot of fancy and decorative things locally produced. We also sell products coming from China ,” says the actor who is also one of the investors of the newly-opened bar at Tomas Morato called Barakz.

Another restaurant which Alfred is promoting is located at Ortigas complex and owned by his brother. It caters to Persian food which just like Thai is fast becoming popular in the country.

Before the year ends, Alfred hopes to open an affordable grilled foods restaurant somewhere in Quezon city .

Indeed, the Management course Alfred took at the Ateneo de Manila has not been put into waste. More than being a successful entrepreneur, Alfred is definitely an achiever.

A confessed workaholic, Alfred considers his weekly participation in “Nuts Entertainment” as his way to relax. It is where the public see the playful side of Alfred who is determined to make a mark in the acting profession.
Remy Umerez
People's Journal

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